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Ryan is a family man who has lived, and served, in Colorado for 19+ years. He excelled as a Monument-area firefighter for 11 years; where his drive and integrity made him a valued member of the community. After medically retiring from the fire department, Ryan channeled his passion to serve, into a career in Colorado Springs area Real Estate. He achieved early success with buyers, sellers, and investors; quickly establishing a reputation as an honest and hardworking partner. Today, Ryan is a rising star in the Colorado Springs Realty scene because of his Accountability, Transparency, and Communication.

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Let’s Talk Credibility

Ryan Graham isn’t your typical real estate agent in Colorado Springs. He’s honest, accountable, transparent, and reliable. He does his best to build strong relationships, not just strong sales. True, it’s a business, and his clients want results. But to Ryan, who served as a firefighter for 11 years in the Tri-Lakes area, being a real estate agent is an extension of his service to the Colorado Springs communities. He wants to help every client find the perfect home or buyer, which is why he works tirelessly in their behalf. He gets results with his houses for sale in Colorado Springs & surrounding areas, but also ensures his customers feel comfortable about the entire process.

Try working with a different kind of realtor—give Ryan Graham a call today and learn more about houses for sale in Colorado Springs.

“We’ve sold five homes over the years (and purchased six), and never worked with a better realtor.  You responded to my many questions quickly and I love the way you are leveraging new technology. I know that some are not doing so yet, so it puts you out in front!  I’m still in shock – very happy shock by the way – that we were able to go from signing a contract and listing the house to closing in two weeks. Please know that if you are ever in Georgia, or just going through, you and your family are welcome to stay with us. I wish you great success and great joy in your new career!  Take care and God bless!” – Jan

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What Makes Ryan Graham Homes Different?

Ryan Graham has quickly developed a reputation as a different kind of real estate broker in Colorado Springs. Here’s why:


His first priority is to his clients, not the bottom line. While he will do everything in his power to find or sell your home, his main responsibility is to serve you, and he takes that responsibility seriously. You can trust that he has your best interests in mind and will do everything he can to fight for you.


Unfortunately, realtors often get a bad name. And many times it is deserved. That shouldn’t be how it is. Your realtor should be a trusted agent who loyally represents your interests. To build that trust, Ryan goes out of his way to be open and honest with all of his clients. He keeps you in the loop throughout the entire process and always tells it like it is. You’ll see the difference right from the start.


All good relationships feed on honest communication. At Ryan Graham Homes, we are always accessible to our clients. We are also upfront and honest, even if that means admitting mistakes or making recommendations that may be hard to swallow. Our clients never feel misinformed or out of the loop. Let’s talk – you will truly appreciate a working with a broker that communicates clearly and consistently.

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Give Ryan Graham a call today and find out the benefits of working with a different kind of realtor—one who has an established record of serving others. He’s committed to making your real estate experience an enjoyable process that will set up your and your family for a great future.